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Brian Wilson is the original 'Airline Insider' and is an authoratitive source on all things flying and travel. 
​A broadcast  journalist, pilot, executive manager, former international flight crew and frequent flyer, he gets the back stories on all things airline. Whether it's what happens on the flight deck, hot hotel offerings, the latest changes to aircraft or flight crew travel tips, he's informed and always in touch!

​Ths site is about the discovery of flying to far away places, meeting new people and appreciating that the world is full of dynamic and inspiring places. Tread lightly, capture the spirit, inspire others and share your story!
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Pic of the aviation pix!
There are hundreds of aviation websites, blogs and personal pages to say nothing of the tens of thousands of people who tweet their plane and travel pics. Here's a selection of the top pix that caught our eye.  Credits where known are provided is a great site and member Edward Salter captured this amazing shot during Brisbane's 'RiverFire' Festival. The shot has gone around the world and even sparked debate in New Zealand about low flying military aircraft displays.  Check out some his great pics and some of the other 'hot shots' on the site
Edward Salter's brilliant shot from RiverFire